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Hario Drip Station

Hario Drip Station

Hario Drip Station(VSS-1T)

Price: $85.00



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Yes, you can make your pour over directly into a mug, but where is the romance in that?

What you need is an elegant pour over station that is designed to support your V60 (or any other V60-style dripper).

It's a great talking point for any coffee lovers home, but it's not just for aesthetics, as it allows you to see your coffee extracting as it happens and has a drip tray to catch any escaping water.

It works beautifully as a pourover stand on its own but you'll get the most out of it when it's paired with the Hario Scale/Timer. It slides onto the weighing platform allowing accurate weighing and pouring and, due to the drip tray, the scale will never get wet!
  • Size = W132mm x D140mm x H180mm
  • Inside Height = 148mm
  • Stand = Acrylic Resin
  • Drip Tray = ABS Resin
  • Metal Plate = Stainless Steel
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