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Hario Woodneck 480ml

Hario Woodneck 480ml Hario Woodneck 480ml

Hario Woodneck 480ml(DPW-3)

Price: $57.00

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  • Hario Woodneck 480ml
  • Hario Woodneck 480ml


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If you want your brew method to look as good as it tastes, then look no further. The wood neck consists of a cloth filter on a metal hoop with with a wooden handle, and a glass caraffe with, surprise, surprise, a two piece wooden collar tied in place with a leather tie.

The cloth filter requires a little care and attention to maintain, but is worth the work as - when used correctly - it produces a clean cup of coffee that retains a lot of the oils, giving you smoothness and body that is so hard to get from a paper filter. You'll also avoid the taste of paper tainting your lovingly prepared brew.


  • 127mm x 114mm x 203mm
  • 480ml (16 oz)
  • Heat-proof glass
  • Made in Japan
  • Hario DPW-3


  • Glass Carafe with wooden collar
  • Cloth Filter & holder
  1. Warm the pot and insert the filter cloth (ensure that the raised fibre side is facing inwards)
  2. Put freshly ground coffee into the filter cloth
  3. Pour boiling water from the centre of the grounds outwards, and allow to bloom for 30 seconds
  4. Pour hot water evenly, ensuring that hot water is always present inside the filter.
  5. Remove the filter when the dripping has stopped, pour into a cup and enjoy
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