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Baratza Shut-off Bean Hopper

Baratza Shut-off Bean Hopper

Baratza Shut-off Bean Hopper(BRT-SOHOP)

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Baratza is good, Baratza is great! In the name of home grinders, all hail Baratza. Except the bean hoppers. Whilst they do the job, they have always missed a tiny little piece of functionality: the bean shut off.

This has all bean corrected with the latest addition to the Baratza product line, the Shut-off hopper. In true Baratza style, they have not just done the bare minimum, they have actually made improvements on the usual hopper design, in the form of a concave scoop that leaves minimal beans on top of the burr. It feels like a much more substantial offering than the stock hopper as well - no surprise as it has been built as standard for the Baratza Forte, their latest commercially focussed offering.

Last but not least, it is much more aesthetically pleasing than the stock hopper - not a major thing, but it certainly helps.

It's compatible with the Vario and Vario W, and all Baratza conical burr grinders (Encore, Preciso, Virtuoso). If you have an older Vario or Forte then you may need a new upper burr carrier to ensure compatibility with the new version of the Shut-off hopper. You can consult this guide to ensure compatibility. 

  • Innovative concave hopper shut-off design
  • Compatible with the Vario, Vario W, and Forte grinders, along with all other Baratza conical burr grinders
  • On the conical burr grinders, the open/closed lever for the shut off faces the front of the grinder, becoming the adjustment marker. And the location of the lever will move as you adjust your grind.
  • Plastic and metal construction
  • Accepts Baratza hopper extender
  • 300 grams/10 ounces

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