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Hario Metal Drip Decanter (MDD-02SV)

Hario Metal Drip Decanter (MDD-02SV) Hario Metal Drip Decanter (MDD-02SV) Hario Metal Drip Decanter (MDD-02SV)

Hario Metal Drip Decanter (MDD-02SV)(MDD-02SV)

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  • Hario Metal Drip Decanter (MDD-02SV)
  • Hario Metal Drip Decanter (MDD-02SV)
  • Hario Metal Drip Decanter (MDD-02SV)


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Hario has long provided one of the best paper filters on the market but until now, for V60 brewers, paper (and some third party cloth alternatives) have been the only option.

This innovative metal dripper has an overlapping mesh filter which has been subjected to a fine etching process twice; allowing this dripper-filter to provide you with clarity that you would expect with a paper filter (less sediment), together with the mouthfeel and body that is unique to cloth filters.

This may just be the perfect balance between paper and cloth and, paired with a simple but stylish, decanter, this may be your new brewer of choice.
  • Removable metal-mesh filter basket for easy decanting
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Heat resistant decanter
  • 800ml capacity
  • Made in Japan

As this is essentially a V60 in a decanter, the same method is used.

  • Put in fresh ground coffee (when making a 8oz drink use 15g - ground coarser than filter coffee - to 250ml water)
  • Place decanter on scale and zero/tare
  • Start timer and pour in 30-40ml of just-off-the-boil water (195-205º)
  • Swirl water and coffee in filter and let bloom for 30 seconds
  • Add water up to 100ml and wait 10 seconds - when pouring, pour in concentric circles and not to the very edge
  • Pour another 50ml and wait 10 seconds
  • Repeat until 250ml is reached
  • When water has all drawn down, remove basket and put your tastebuds on standby!
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