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Ratio is un-compromising on design or cup quality or convenience. Rather, it chooses to execute all three - and little else.

Made with precision die-cast aluminum, hand-turned borosilicate glass, and Oregon-sourced black walnut, the Ratio Eight is impressive to behold. If Jony Ive and the Eames couple designed a coffee maker, it’s likely it would look something like this machine. Every brewing cycle maximizes the confluence between the simplicity of your ritual and the precision of pour-over.

The Ratio is admittedly Apple-like, not only in industrial design but in its balance of form and function - in its expression of beauty and simplicity and performance. But whereas the Macbook excels at complex data processing, the Ratio excels at making a damn fine cup (or eight) of coffee. We would argue that both are equally necessary for a successful day at the office.

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