Introducing: The Eight Ounce Cafe Consultancy Program

Introducing: The Eight Ounce Cafe Consultancy Program

The specialty coffee industry is currently exploding. It’s been this way for over a decade. We get it — it looks cool and fun! It’s an attractive business to get into; making the transition from coffee fan to cafe owner. But we see this all the time: a new cafe opens up, gets in over their head, and has trouble executing on quality. You might notice it, too. Why is my cappuccino not as good as Cafe X down the street? Your drinks might not be made to the proper standard that they should be, and it can become a systemic issue. Proper training might be an afterthought, and then bad habits can persist. Maybe the layout of your bar isn’t optimized, and it’s causing inefficiencies.

But we understand: opening a cafe is tough, so is running one. You may feel overwhelmed with that 75 hour-new-entrepreneur-work-week life. And you may have trouble finding veteran baristas who can take the reins, while you focus on running the business. Or, maybe you’ve been in the game for a few years now, but you’re still finding there’s some issues connecting all the dots. You haven’t quite figured out the ins-and-outs of your equipment, still can’t pour a beautiful latte art, and you struggle to sell retail. Well, we got you: say hello to the Eight Ounce Coffee Cafe Consultancy program.

Here at Eight Ounce we have an innumerable number of years in specialty coffee industry experience. From opening cafes, managing cafes, directing coffee programs, working behind bar, to training-- you name it, we’ve done it. We want to put that experience to work. Need help training new and existing staff? Wondering why your manual brewed coffee never tastes quite right? Opening your own cafe and need help with bar configuration? We’re on it. Because without having any experience behind a coffee bar, without years of honing your skills, you’re at a disadvantage. You can read books, watch YouTube videos, maybe even take an “espresso class,” but the reality is that you probably need lots of help— perhaps on things you aren’t even aware of.

We offer a module-based consultancy program, but we are flexible to work with you, to find what works right. We tailor our approach to your needs and we offer modules in: Espresso — covering extraction, and proper preparation; milk steaming and latte art — basic designs and how to get consistent milk quality; manual brewing how-to— Chemex, v60, AeroPress, etc; cafe design + layout — what is the ideal configuration for your space; efficiency analysis — how much waste are you encountering, and how to mitigate this; maximizing profitability with retail — from selling coffee beans to equipment.


We have coffee professionals on our team based in Calgary and Montreal, so we are happy to travel to you to provide training in your cafe. (We also have a showroom in Calgary at our headquarters and would be happy to train you there if you happen to be local!)

Our pricing is determined by project, on a case-by-case basis. We will invoice you based on the scope of the overall project and any upfront travel expenses (flights, car rental, lodging, et cetera.) All other expenses will be billed for after the project is completed. We will provide training documents afterward with a detail of what was achieved and an overview of training provided. Also included will be advice for future growth of your cafe and processes to achieve this.

We want to set you up for success so we offer 15% off for your first wholesale order with us! We would love to discuss which products would be best suited for your needs.

Please feel free to reach out to Alexandra - - for Western Canada, or Jon - - for Eastern Canada (on peut même vous aider en français), if you are interested and would like more information.

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