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  • Want something a little flashier in your coffee nook? Check out the new silver version of the Lunar. The Lunar is designed to deliver the same accuracy and connectivity as the pearl in a compact size to fit into an espresso machine’s drip tray. The 10.5 cm2 anodized aluminum platform is sealed against liquid entry, and the electronics within have a protective spray coating to shield against moisture for liquid damage protection.

    It’s THE barista-proof scale. If you’ve ever had to discard a scale due to an errant stream of espresso or a cup that tipped over in your drip tray, this is your answer.

    To show how serious they are, each lunar comes with a 2-year limited warranty against water damage. If you manage to drown your scale and the case is intact (i.e. you didn’t drop/dent it), then they'll send you a new one to replace it. For commercial or heavy use situations, we recommend combining the Lunar with the Lunar Base Upgrade Kit.

    • 105mm(W) x 105mm(L) x 15.5mm(H)
    • Capacity: 2000g Max (4.4lbs)
    • Increments: 0.1g
    • Accuracy: +/-0.05g
    • Measuring Units: Grams/Ounces
    • USB Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
    • Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity
    • Includes a Micro-USB Cable, 100g Calibration Weight and Lunar Heat Resistant Pad
  • Method Coming Soon

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Customer Reviews

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Acaia Lunar Digital Scale Silver

Best in class scale

This scale is what you need when you are trying to pull the best expresso shut.

This is really easy to use.

Love it!!

Worth the price is looking for precision !!


Would not want to function without these scales! Essential tool... always reliable! Worth the $

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