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  • Coffee cupping is fun. And sort of additive when you get into it. And whether you are doing it at home or at work, you need the right kit to make it go smoothly and get the most out of your tasting. If you are a coffee drinker at home, cupping is great way to taste your coffee and evaluate it so that you know what flavours you should be looking to achieve when you brew. If you are cafe, cupping is a great way to educate your employees and customers around the great coffee that you serve. If you are a roastery and you need me to explain why you should cup, you’re probably in the wrong trade.

    We have put together a selection of coffee cupping equipment that will give you everything you need to cup like a professional (unless you are a professional, then this is business as usual).

    All of the kits contain the following items:

    • Taster Cups - Super-stylish new Acme Colour Coded Cupping Bowls in your choice of 110ml, 210ml or 260ml
    • Cupping Spoons - Heavy-weight from Espresso Supply
    • Oval Bean Trays - Hard plastic oval trays from Espresso Supply
    • Starter Kit: 3 bowls, 2 spoons, 3 trays
    • Getting serious: 6 bowls, 3 spoons, 3 trays
    • Cupping Addict: 8 bowls, 4 spoons, 6 trays
    • Mutha- Cupper: 12 bowls, 12 spoons, 12 trays
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