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  • If you're looking to get started with coffee brewing, or know someone you'd like to get started with manual brewing (and has a birthday coming up), then this Hario starter kit was made for you.

    This great value boxed kit comes with a Hario V60-02 Metal Coffee Dripper, a Hario Decanter, a Hario Metal Scoop, and a 40-pack of unbleached V60-02 filters.

    • Includes 40 Unbleached V60-02 Paper Filters
    • Practical Capacity: 700ml
    • Stainless Steel V60-02 Dripper and Measuring Scoop Made in Japan
    • Heatproof Glass Decanter Made in Japan
    • Silicone Ring Made in Malaysia
    • Assembled in Japan
    • Microwave Safe Decanter
    • Dishwasher Safe
  • Method Coming Soon

V60 drip brew brewer pourover pour over set server carafe metal

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