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  • The perfect companion to Stagg Pour-Over Dripper. Brew multiple cups for friends, or make a large batch of coffee for one. Use the ratio aid alongside Stagg Dripper’s ratio aid for the perfect coffee-to-water ratio. The Details: Double wall glass allows for longer heat retention and no exterior condensation. Hand blown borosilicate glass – the Arnold Schwarzenegger of glass. Ratio Aid – Never guess how much water to add. The first dot means you’ve hit one serving, the second dot means you’ve hit two servings. The ratio aid dots correlate to Stagg Dripper’s ratio aid for the perfect coffee-to-water ratio. Silicone lid included to keep your coffee hot longer. Carafe comfortably holds 20 oz/.6 L at the double dots.

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Customer Reviews

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Looks great with the two cups

I enjoy using this carafe with the two cups of the same set. They look great all three of them together !

Perfect addition to the set

For those looking to serve coffee with a bit of a flare or just to make yourself 2 cups when you need it, this amazing looking carafe keeps your coffee or tea hot for a long time and looks good doing it.
The walls could be a bit thicker, I have found the outside to be rather hot when pouring.

Good-looking and practical

Good-looking and practical

A beautiful thing, just a touch too large.

An elegant and charismatically imperfect carafe. The dots are genius. Pours well. The heat retention is what you’d expect from a jug with a non-airtight lid; pre-heat with hot tap water followed by a slug of very hot water from the kettle for better results.

Hario’s plastic and ceramic filter baskets both fit on top of it, despite their different base-ring diameters. I stick with the plastic one for fear of ham-handedly chipping the carafe’s rim with the porcelain version.

I love seeing this thing on my kitchen counter every morning . If it were just a bit smaller, it’d suit the thermal mass of my languorous morning three-cup ritual perfectly, and I’d buy three of them.

Looks good, works great.

Love everything about this carafe, goes perfectly with my Stagg tasting glasses. Great set for more than just coffee. Bonus: it fits my SAI phoenix 70 brewer perfectly.

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