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  • Spruce up your Stagg Stovetop Kettle with a handsome wooden handle handcrafted in South Dakota by Artisans of Kingsbury. Rod, the co-owner of Artisans of Kingsbury, is also a coffee roaster at Essence Coffee Roasters. Given Rod’s love for coffee and wood, it was a natural fit that Fellow developed the Stagg Wooden Handle together.

    • Made in the USA.
    • Your choice of solid walnut or maple.
    • Kit comes with handle, lid pull, and appropriate fasteners to assemble to your stovetop kettle.
    • Stovetop kettle sold separately.
    • Only compatible with Stagg Pour-Over Kettle V2  STOVETOP. Not compatible with Stagg EKG/EKG+ or Stagg Mini.
    • Only compatible with electric and induction stoves. Not compatible with gas stoves. (Wood and gas flames don’t mix!)
    • Phillips head screwdriver needed for assembly – screwdriver not included in purchase
  • Method Coming Soon!

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