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  • A simple and thoughtful dripper-decanter set. The metal dripper has an overlapping mesh filter which was subjected to a fine etching process twice; allowing this dripper-filter to give your coffee the sense of transparency like you would with paper filter, together with the taste of coffee oil that is unique to metal filters.

    • Capacity: 700ml
    • Height: 21.0cm
    • Width: 12.3cm
    • Heatproof Glass Pot Made in Japan
    • Stainless Steel Dripper Filter
    • Assembled in Japan
    1. Grind fresh coffee, adjusting the quantity and grind setting according to taste. A good starting point is a ratio of 1 gram of coffee per 15-17ml of water.
    2. Put the grinds in the dripper, shaking it gently to level out the coffee grounds.
    3. Pour over just enough water to pre-wet/saturate the coffee.
    4. Wait 30 seconds to allow this water to drip through.
    5. Begin pouring again, slowly pouring hot water in a gentle circular motion until you reach your goal volume.
    6. Once brewing is complete, remove the dripper, the grounds are now ready to be composted and the coffee is ready to serve.
hari hair hairo coffee japanese brew brewer v60

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