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  • You'll enjoy making cold brew with the Hario Cold Water Dripper nearly as much as you'll enjoy drinking it. We say nearly as, while this is a really interesting and fun way of making cold brew, with a little fine tuning, the chilled caffeine nectar that this produces is complex, sweet and delicious. And, as it produces a concentrate, you can drink it straight up (or on the rocks if you're so inclined) like an espresso. Or you can blend it to make a beverage (or cocktail) of your choice.

    And don't let appearances fool you - it's actually pretty simple to use. Water and ice (or just water) go in the top chamber, coffee in the middle (pre-saturated with water) and, with the aid of a metal valve on the base of the top chamber, you just start dripping. We suggest one drip every 1-1.5 seconds, which gives a brew time of 5-7 hours.

    Requires Hario Cold Drip Filters

    • Clear plastic tower, glass chambers and server
    • 700ml capacity
    • Dimensions: 15cm x 15cm x 46cm
    • Metal mesh filter
    • Supplied with paper dispersion filters
    • Made in Japan
    1. Grind 45g of coffee to slightly less than medium grind
    2. Ensure that the valve on the top chamber is shut off and add either 700ml of water, or 350g of ice and 350 ml of water (ideally filtered water, including for the ice)
    3. Put coffee into the middle chamber over the metal filter
    4. Pour over just enough water to pre-wet/saturate the coffee (do this over a plate to catch the drips)
    5. Place a pre-wet paper dispersion filter on the top of the coffee, to ensure the water doesn’t just channel down the centre, and place back in the unit.
    6. Turn the valve to start the drip - aim for one drip every 1.5 seconds.
    7. Wait 5-7 hours for brew -if you can, check back every now and then as, as the water in the top chamber reduces, the drip speed will also reduce and you may need to adjust it.
    8. Store in the fridge and drink however makes you happy!
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