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  • With a refined new look, added features, and even more comfortable to hold, Hario has greatly improved the grinding process with this next generation Skerton grinder. Well suited to every grind style, the new Skerton Pro features an added hopper lid, easy 'male-female' handle attachment, and a grind adjustment knob at the bottom of the burr.

    • Capacity: ~100g
    • Weight: 520g
    • Adjustable ceramic burr: Turkish to French press
    • Toughened glass grind container
    • Grinder fits most mason jars
    • BPA free plastic
    • Made in Japan
    • Set the grind to required level by turning the nut on the bottom of the burr
    • Test the grind by grinding a few beans though. Adjust if necessary
    • Weigh out desired amount of coffee beans
    • Place into the hopper on the top and grind into the plastic grind container
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Hario skerton pro

I recently purchased this hand grinder and have been enjoying it.

Pro: affordable, easy to clean, consistent grind size as long as you don't go too coarse,

Con: the locking ring comes undone very easily (remedied with some teflon tape and the lock ring does not move), can take some time to grind if you are going for some fine coffee grinds

Overall very happy with the purchase

Better than original… mostly

I got this to upgrade from the original Skirton which had (and continues to) work for me. While I notice and appreciate several of the improvements (easier to adjust, less burr wobble, more stable on counter), there are a couple things I miss from the older iteration… I liked being able to just peel back the silicone lid while leaving the handle on (I know it was opaque but I can feel once it’s empty), now you have to take both the handle and lid off (minor I know lol); I also find the hopper capacity to be slightly less (grind jar is the same) so I have to sort of wiggle the lid a bit to get approx. 50g beans in and close it; I also find with the additional robustness of the burr support and grind adjustment system (both MAJOR improvements), the beans don’t “flow” as easily from the hopper to the burr, so sometimes a gentle tap is required to encourage this.

Overall these quibbles are minor and the grinder gets 5 stars from me… in the end the improvements made this a worthwhile purchase

Thanks for taking the time to write a detailed review of the new Skerton Pro, Tanner - we (and our other customers) really appreciate it!

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