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  • Upgrade your espresso shots! The Nanotech quartz coating resists corrosion and eliminates odour absorption. Designed with 98 holes each with a diameter of 3mm that are precisely cut and combined with a 200µm integrated membrane for consistent espresso shot extractions from standard E61 espresso machine group heads.

    • 200 µm Integrated Membrane
    • Border Diameter: 60.0mm
    • Body Diameter: 56.5mm
    • External Wall Height: 17.0mm
    • Holes: 98
    • Hole diameter: 3mm each with with 19 microperforations 
    • Certified Food-Safe AISI 304 Steel
    • Fits standard E61 espresso machine group heads
      • Fits:
        • Azkoyen
        • Bezzera
        • BFC
        • Bianchi
        • Brasilia
        • Casadio
        • ECM
        • Expobar
        • Faema
        • Faimac
        • Fiamma RST
        • Fiorenzato CS
        • Futurmat
        • Gaggia Spagna
        • Grimac
        • Italcrem
        • Mairali
        • Orchestrale
        • Promac
        • Reneka
        • Royal
        • Sab Italia
        • San Remo
        • Scala
        • VFA
        • Vibiemme
        • Victoria Arduino
        • Visacrem
        • Wega
    • Made in Italy
  • Method Coming Soon!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great shower screen replacement!

So I have been using this E61 shower screen for over a month now and I am very happy with it! The screen helps distribute the water noticeably more evenly. Also, it has this coating layer on it and it works wonder when it's time to clean the screen, coffee oil and ground don't like sticking on it!

Works great

This screen is distributing the water evenly contributing to an even better espresso shot. The design is much easier to keep clean than our machine's previous screen. Pleased with our purchase.

5 months review update

After only 5 consistent months of use, it seems that the «nanotech» coating is gone. I have been avoiding backflushing with detergent with this new shower screen, but the rainbow-ish color on it has disappeared. The flow seems fine, but my puck tend to stay stuck on the shower screen every once in a while, which is really annoying. I don't know if the nanotech precision showerscreen is worth the price difference to be honest... Will I buy it again? Not sure. I would probably go for the IMS precision shower screen.

So far so good

The precision group shower screen improved the flow compared to my ECM Mechanika Slim V stock screen. It is really easy to keep clean: a flush and a quick wipe does the trick.
That being said, it is not recommended to backflush with detergent as the coating will fade. I don't know if it really makes a difference in the cup, but for cleanliness, it's worth buying!

A worthwhile upgrade to any E61 espresso machine

Bought this to replace the stock shower screen on my ECM Synchronika. When just flushing the grouphead, the difference in the dispersal pattern is immediately noticeable. With the stock screen, water coalesces into a few streams, whereas with the precision screen, water flow is very evenly distributed across the entire head, looking more like rainfall. Definitely have noticed a decrease in channeling when I swapped to using this screen (Grinder is a Baratza Sette 270. I single-dose straight into the portafilter, give a couple light taps to settle, level with an SAI BT Wedge, then tamp with a Barista Hustle tamper.)

Whether the quartz coating actually does anything remains to be seen, as I've only had the screen for a few weeks.

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