Just Us!

      Just Us! is a worker owner co-op that started almost 25 years ago. Beginning as a group of friends with limited business experience and finances Just Us! was born with the belief that we can positively impact the lives of others by using coffee as a vehicle for change. To us, fair trade is about more than just price; It is about social justice and improving the lives of workers in the coffee industry. 

      Supporting our producer partners in the Global South is fundamental to the values and principles of our organization. The Small Producers Symbol helps us make that a reality Just Us! has chosen to work directly with our producer-partners, allowing us to find a genuinely fair price based on each co-op’s actual cost of production along with additional social premiums above the fair trade minimum price.

      We are proud that some 20 plus years after we first fired up our coffee roaster, we have held to our founding principles, of meaningful work, justice, excellence, sustainability, solidarity and integrity. 

      We look forward to continuing our journey and sharing our story for years to come!