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  • The Kruve Sifter perfects the grind, bringing competition-level coffee quality to home brewers.

    One quick shake is all it takes! The KRUVE Sifter removes both the Fines (small coffee particles) and Boulders (large coffee particles), leaving you with the perfect flavour profile every single time you brew. Consistent Ingredients = Consistent Flavour Profile - The science is the same as a perfectly cooked meal; you must chop your ingredients into equal sizes. A mix of sizes means the larger pieces will be under-cooked and the smaller pieces will be over-cooked or burnt. Your coffee grind is no different.

  • Includes Black Kruve Sifter, Bamboo Sieve Holder and 6 sieves:

    • 200μm
    • 300μm
    • 400μm
    • 600μm
    • 800μm
    • 1000μm
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

You really do taste the difference using one of these for your pour over coffee.
It adds more time to getting a coffee ready ( sifting the grinds ) so I only use on the weekends.
Still I really do enjoy the results ( a great cup of coffee).

Coffee taste better with this!

I first learned of this product from Eight Ounce Coffee and decided to give it a try. It gives me new ways to explore the world of coffee. However, be prepared to spend a little extra coffee. For home barista, I would recommend starting with three sieves. If you are more adventurous getting the six or twelve sieves will never go wrong. Great design and quality it will last and look excellent even just as a display on your shelf.

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