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  • So, you want the best looking French press that money can buy? Well, stop your search, praise the gods, and add this to your cart. With a 13.5oz/400ml capacity, you can make two servings of tea or coffee in this French Press style plunger. The natural olive wood adds character and beauty, but imparts no taste - simply add coarsely ground coffee to the bottom, fill with hot water, wait for 4 minutes, press down the filter, and serve.

    • Capacity: 400ml (13.5oz)
    • Double Wall Heatproof Glass
    • Natural Olive Wood Grip, Lid and Handle Knob
    • Stainless Steel Filter Assembly and Leather String Made in Japan
    • Glass Body, Olive Wood Grip, Knob of Lid, Lid, and String Stopper Made in China
  • Method Coming Soon

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Hario Press

Use this for my AM coffee and it makes enough for a large cup at home and one I can take in my Hario Uchi travel mug. I find the press easier than V60 drip on weekday mornings, but maybe that’s just me… I also really like the coffee it makes. I think Hario technically lists this on their “Teaware” page, but it works fine for coffee imo, and the olive wood is beautiful.

Thanks Tanner! Yes, this is officially a 'tea' press, but we think the filter is much better suited for coffee :)

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