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  • If you're like us and love french press coffee but sometimes wish you could leave a little bit of the fines in the pot, then we know you'll appreciate the Timemore french press. It's everything you would expect from a traditional french press, made out of quality heatproof glass, but it has an optional secondary fine mesh stainless steel filter to filter out excess fines or for brewing loose leaf tea. The glass body of the french press can double as an elegant serving carafe, just take out the filter assembly and remove the rubber base.

    With a 600ml (20oz) capacity, you can make enough coffee for two or just one really big cup!

    • 3mm borosilicate glass, matte Teflon lid, premium stainless steel filters
    • Capacity: 600ml (20oz)
    • Secondary micro-filter for an incredibly clean cup
    • Includes a spare gasket for the upper filter assembly
    • Easy to clean
  • The simple method:

    1. Measure out 25 grams of coffee and grind it to a medium grind
    2. Start timer and add just-off-boiling water 97°C (207°F) to full weight (375g) while pouring in circles to ensure saturation of grinds
    3. Now wait until the timer reads 4 minutes
    4. Gently swirl the brew to break the crust that has formed.
    5. Place the plunger on top and gently push it down
    6. Gently pour the coffee into your mug through either the fine or course filter
    7. Enjoy!

    Our preferred method:

    1. Start timer and add just-off-boiling water 97°C (207°F) to full weight (375g) while pouring in circles to ensure saturation of grinds
    2. Now wait for 4:00 and do not place plunger on top of pot
    3. It is important to stop the extraction at 4:00; to do this use a spoon to gently break the crust with light stirring— make sure to not overly agitate the coffee
    4. Take two spoons and carefully remove the foam that is covering the surface, discard into sink. This may seem awkward to manipulate at first, but this important step will remove the bitter and oily sludge, which means a cleaner cup
    5. This is where the variable brewing time comes into play: you can wait for another minute and decant your brew at 5:00, but the longer you wait, the more sediment sinks to the bottom, and in turn, your final result is even less gritty and sweeter
    6. At 8:00 take your plunger and DO NOT PLUNGE to the bottom as this will disturb and churn up all those grinds which we patiently waited for to settle. Instead think of the plunger and metal screen as a final filter, and hold it just above the surface of the coffee.
    7. Carefully decant the coffee through the metal screen into your cups.
    8. Enjoy! 
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