Subtext Coffee


a small team of coffee professionals roasting in Toronto, Ontario.

Striving insatiably for quality, our collective experience is met with a meticulous and methodical approach that embraces innovation and  discovery.

We believe in working meaningfully: with purpose, integrity, and humility.

Inspired by the incredible diversity of flavour in coffee, our role is to foreground the work done before ours, producing coffees representative of place, of labour,  and of caring people tending to land, craft, and community.

Through our sister company, Boxcar Social, we've spent the last six years working with the most inspiring and uncompromising coffee roasters from around the world.  Our roasting project is an effort to continue those relationships while contributing to our collective aims—we work in coffee, but really we work for coffee.  

We're inspired to serve other roasters at our roastery location and honoured to have our coffee share this space.  Beneath a great coffee is a desire to share: to deliver exciting flavour experiences, to share knowledge, and to participate in or create economic models that are just, transparent, and fair.

We can't wait to share our next coffee with you

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