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  • The Hario Fukami Teapot is designed with the largest basket strainer possible. Having a large basket allows the tea leaves to open up to their fullest capacity for the best flavour. With this finer meshed tea strainer, you can now also serve fukamushi-cha or "deep steam" green tea without all of the powder escaping into your cup. Hario also designed the spout to allow every drop of tea to pour out - leaving no liquid stewing in the basket to taint your second steep. Smart, right?

    • Capacity: 300ml
    • Height: 9.0cm
    • Width: 11.0cm
    • Heatproof Glass and Lid
    • Microwave and Dishwasher Safe
    • Made in Japan
  • Method Coming Soon

hari hair hairo cha chai hakumi sencha fukami hukami

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