Timemore Chestnut Nano Grinder

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We love everything about the Nano grinder. From the feel of it in your hand to the way the magnet in the wooden handle knob snaps back into place on the handle, it's the little touches that show how thoughtfully this grinder was designed.

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  • We love everything about the Nano grinder. From the feel of it in your hand to the way the magnet in the wooden handle knob snaps back into place on the handle, it's the little touches that show how thoughtfully this grinder was designed.

    Two ball bearings hold the grind shaft in place while a spring mechanism holds the inner burr locked into position. The result is an exceptionally precise grind and a smooth turning handle. The spring-based foldable handle makes the Nano more compact and travel friendly than almost any other grinder.

    You now have two burr sets to choose from! The original Nano comes with sharp Stainless Steel Burrs perfect for espresso, coarse grinds like French Press, and everything in between. Or choose Titanium Coated Stainless Steel burrs, designed specifically for the best espresso grind.

    • Available in Black Gunmetal with Diamond Grip and Stainless Steel or Titanium Coated Stainless Steel Burrs
    • HRC58 Sharp Stainless Steel burr set
    • Capacity: ~15g
    • Diameter: 45mm
    • Includes a grinder brush
  • We recommend that you grind through some Urnex Grindz™ every once in a while to soak up coffee oils and make it easier to keep your grinder clean. But here's a video of how to use a brush to clean your Nano:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Jake (British Columbia, Canada)
Huge hand grinder upgrade

I bought this for travel and have been super stoked with it so far. I tested it a bit at home and it's surpassed expectations. I upgraded to this from a ceramic burred grinder and it is amazing. I've used it for Aeropress, V60, and Tricolate so far and it has done a great job at all three. Not quite as a much clarity/consistency as my Fellow Ode, but it's also not as far off as I thought it would be. Couple all that with the super small profile and the folding handle and I'm blown away. I typically drink denser, high grown coffee and can easily fit 20g of beans in the hopper of this (do you call it a hopper on a hand grinder?). It grinds it all in under a minute to boot! Would for sure buy one of these again. I was worried I'd have buyers remorse and wish I'd spent a bit less money on the standard C2, but I've got to say the premium feel and small size make it worth the premium in my mind.

J.H. (British Columbia, Canada)
High quality and oddly satisfying to use.

Using this grinder specifically for pour over and it’s perfect. Only holds 15g but not a big deal to do it twice when I’m brewing a larger amount. It’s also great for taking to the office or camping!

Olivier W. (Alberta, Canada)
Love this grinder

Very nice compact grinder. Perfect combo with the Aeropress. Best grinder I’ve used so far and grinds beans faster than all the others as well. It is expensive but honestly you do get what you pay for.

Gabriel Y. (Alberta, Canada)
Fun to use, easy to travel with

Excellent grinder that works perfectly into my Aeropress routine. I enjoy using it and it's incredibly easy to fold and drop into my bag to take to work.

Richard S. (Ontario, Canada)
Great grinder, but pick your burr wisely

I grabbed the Nano because I wanted to grind about a cup (about 300mls) of pour-over coffee. I made the mistake of grabbing the Titanium burr set, which is more suited for grinding espresso (not suited for pour-overs) since it produces a lot of fines. That was my mistake for not researching beforehand, so I grabbed the regular stainless steel burr set. Now I'm making great cups of pour-over coffee!

The grinder looks great and is easy to store thanks to its small size. It's also really easy to clean, which is a bonus.

One gripe I did have though was, to remove the lid holding the burr in place, you have to use some small screwdrivers or something to wedge the small holes, and twist really hard to get the lid off. After it's off though, you can twist the lid as you like.

Francisco M. (British Columbia, Canada)
Powerful, Portable Grinder

I did a lot of research and decide to settle on this tiny grinder. It can grind maximum 17~18g which is 280 to 300 ml of pourover coffee. I needed the portability to carry around as I am a weekend hiker/camper - and it fits in my pocket! This grinds fantastic and with ease. It is very well built and you can tell it is going to last for years. If you don't need to brew whole a lot of coffee at a time, then I highly recommend this grinder.

Tanyr F. (British Columbia, Canada)
Solid Grinder

Have been using the nano for about a month now and is the first hand grinder I have ever purchased and I am very happy with it thus far. Compact enough to bring to work/ hikes with my aero press. Very solid build quality and doesn’t hurt that it looks good on the shelf. Functions well, the settings I am still messing around with different grind sizes as that is fairly new to me to have that luxury to really dial them in. So can’t speak to how well the lower settings would be for espresso but for poor overs/ aero press I have no complaints.

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