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  • A good quality diner mug is hard to find. A good quality 12oz capacity mug is even harder. So, as we didn't want to settle for something that was second rate, we asked Acme to make one for us, and we're super happy with the outcome! It's heavy, resilient and has the classic diner mug shape, but it doesn't have the seam lines, and rough finish of most other mugs available.

    The classic diner mug shape was made by Victor Company in the U.S.A., for use on navy vessels. It had to be super tough, be easy to hold, and the slight hourglass shape was used to give it more stability in rough waters. The right mug for the right job.

    We call ours the Victory mug, in honour of this classic mug's roots.

    • Capacity: 355ml (12oz)
    • Available in White
  • Method Coming Soon

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