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  • The C70 is Saint Anthony Industries design progression of the standard ceramic pour-over we have always enjoyed. Complete with the utilitarian performance of ceramic and with the benefits of the Saint Anthony 70° shape and Perfect Paper Filters.

    • Meticulously made of the highest quality materials in Hasami, Japan
    • Utilizes the advantages of the 70° brew principals
    • Thermal stability for a piping hot cup

    70° Brewing Principles

    The 70 degree filter creates a 30% taller brew column than standard filters. This increases the water to coffee contact and allows for more thorough microfine filtration, trapping them within and keeping them out of your cup. This increase in contact results in higher extraction yields, lessens the chance of under extraction, and produces an incredibly clean cup of coffee.

    Benefits of the 70°

    • Clarity of cup
    • Allows delicate, nuanced flavors to prevail
    • Higher extraction yields than other brewers
  • Dimensions:

    • Width & Height: 4in (101.6mm)
  • Brew on the C70 just like you would on your Phoenix70!

phoenix porcelain c 70 p70

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