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  • Get your hands on these limited run Coffee Brewing Dice for the AeroPress™! The AeroPress™ is a brewer of infinite potential and it’s time to try something new for your morning coffee routine! Knowing the seemingly infinite different brewing methods available for brewing coffee with the AeroPress, James Hoffmann created these Coffee Brewing Dice as a fun way to turn testing out new brew methods into a game.

    Roll all five dice at once and get your recipe for how you’ll brew your AeroPress™ or use them to communicate to either your customers or other members of your team in your coffee bar the recipe you are using for the coffee you’re brewing.

    Each of the five die covers a different aspect of brewing coffee.

    • Recipe: How much coffee you’ll brew, and how much water you’ll use
    • Brew Temperature: How hot your water is when you brew
    • Grind size and brew time: Every grinder is a little different but use this as a guide Brew technique: We’d recommend checking some tutorials online for inverted brewing before you try the first time.
    • Stirring technique: How we stir has an impact on flavour extraction, and evenness. You’ll be surprised at the differences.

    We hope you enjoy and discover something new and delicious in your coffee brewing!

    • This is a set of 5 dice, that will produce one of 7,776 different potential recipes for how to brew your AeroPress™.
    • AeroPress™ sold separately.
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