FELLOW Stagg [X] Paper Filter
FELLOW Stagg [XF] Paper Filter
FELLOW Stagg [X] and [XF] Paper Filters
FELLOW Stagg [X] Paper Filter in use
FELLOW Stagg [XF] Paper Filter in use

FELLOW Stagg Paper Filters (45-Pack)


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Paper filters designed specifically for the steep slope of the Fellow Stagg [X] and [XF] drippers. Pack of 45 filters.

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    Designed specifically for Fellow's Stagg drippers, these flat-bottomed filters are made from paper heavy enough not to crumple, taste-tested for the cleanest cup, and creased with the optimal number of flutes not to stick together. Because your coffee deserves the best.

    Note: [XF] filters are the taller ones.

    • Available in [X] and [XF] sizes
    • Pack of 45 filters
  • Use in your FELLOW Stagg Brewer for a clean brew and a quick cleanup.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Pamela S. (British Columbia, Canada)

The Stagg paper filters perform well. I have been using them for approx a year and am not disappointed. Easy to use with easy cleanup. The only negative is the price.

Customer (Ontario, Canada)

well made like any other fellow products

Shi C. (Ontario, Canada)
Very High Quality Paper Filter

This is a very nice paper filter to be used together with Stagg [X] dripper. It feels thicker than the usual Kalita 185 paper filter and more rigid. Works fine with both Kalita Wave 185 and Stagg [X].

Alexander M.
The morning ritual

The Stagg X filters have become an integral part of my morning ritual... my sole complaint is their cost.

Dylan (Alberta, Canada)
Great flow rate and filtration

I really enjoy the coffee that I get from these filters. The filters feel nice, stay intact through brewing and cleanup, and have the flow rate and filtration level that I was looking for. They sometimes bunch up when pouring water, but this is par for the course for most wavy filters I have tried. One thing I will say, these papers are a lot easier to separate than Espro Bloom papers. The price is quite steep.

taylor m. (Alberta, Canada)

Great filters, give a nice mouth feel to brews, feels similar to v60 filters.

Kyle (British Columbia, Canada)
Great filters, little pricey

Filters work great. I have both the XF and the X drippers but I'm using the X more now. The XF filters seem to be a little thicker. They both work great I just wish they were cheaper. Stagg filters are $0.25/each compared to V60 filters at around $0.09/each. I'll continue to buy them because I have no choice really. 1 star off for the price.

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