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  • Whether it's tea, or flavoured water or sangria, do it all in this beautiful pouring and steeping bottle. The stainless steel mesh filter is set in the pouring spout with the lid so you can pour easily and enjoy.

    • Capacity: 900ml
    • Height: 26.5cm
    • Width: 8.0cm
    • Lid Colour: Black
    • Heatproof and Dishwasher Safe Glass Pitcher and Silicone Lid Made in Japan
    • Stainless Steel Filter Made in China
    • Assembled in Japan
    1. Place 18g of tea leaves into the glass pitcher
    2. Fill the glass pitcher with water up to the 900ml marking
    3. Place the lid and filter securely in the lid
    4. Place the pitcher in the refrigerator for 3 to 6 hours
    5. Tip the pitcher to pour, the lid opens and tea comes out automatically
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