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  • The Hario Heat Resistant Carafe is now the Hario Heatproof Decanter.

    If, like us, you don't always want to make a vat of coffee (usually 8oz, but sometimes up to 12oz) this decanter is ideal.

    It's a great quality attractive little vessel that can be used for any type of hot or cold liquid - but it designed to be used specifically with Hario V60 brewers. The brewer simply rests on top of the heat resistant decanter and as you pour, it will slowly fill with delicious coffee. You can then decant as you require.


    • Capacity: 400ml
    • High quality Hario heatproof glass
    • Dishwasher and microwave safe
    • Height: 13.8cm
    • Width: 9.0cm
    • Made in Japan
  • Method Coming Soon

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