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  • We used to travel quite a lot. We also had the 9-5 office jobs. Both of these tend not to be particularly conducive to a good cup of coffee, although this doesn't have to be the case...

    A hand grinder was an essential part of our travel/work kit, and this is one of the best. With a ceramic conical burr set (the bit that grinds the coffee) and a sturdy handle, this will provide you with consistently ground fresh coffee to ensure a delicious caffeinated beverage. As you can easily adjust the grind size, the Skerton's suitable for virtually any brew method, and will protect you from the evils of instant coffee, wherever you are.

    • Capacity: ~100g
    • Weight: 457g
    • Adjustable ceramic burr: Turkish to French press
    • Toughened glass grind container
    • Grinder fits most mason jars
    • BPA free plastic
    • Made in Japan
    • Set the grind to required level by turning the nut on the bottom of the burr
    • Test the grind by grinding a few beans though. Adjust if necessary
    • Weigh out desired amount of coffee beans
    • Place into the hopper on the top and grind into the plastic grind container
hairo hairio haro hari hario coffee grinder

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