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  • V60-style outdoor mug with vacuum insulation dual structure. You can remove the lid and brew straight in with a V60 pour-over dripper, so you can carry freshly made coffee warm, or cold with ice coffee. The lid even locks into place, so you can stow the SOTO safely in your bag without it spilling.

    • Capacity: 350ml
    • Double Wall Stainless Steel
    • Polypropylene Lid, Spout and Lock
    • Silicone Gaskets
    • Heat-safe to 120°C
    • Made in China
    1. Slide the safety lock upward to release the lock
    2. Press the section of the lock labeled "PUSH", the lid will open
    3. Gently tilt the mug to drink
    4. Close the lid and slide the safety lock down to lock the lid in place
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Customer Reviews

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Expensive Touch

Yeah, it's a pricey version of the Thermos Direct Drink, but it's so so nice to touch. Also, does a Thermos Direct Drink interface with a V60?
So, is it worth it? Hard to say. Niche products like this are hard to evaluate in terms of value. I'm two weeks in and it still thrills me every time I pick it up. If I lost it I'd kick myself and buy another.
I anticipate years of use (will add a review after a few more months)
The build and design is very much of that unique quality that Hario and several other Japanese manufacturers excel at: function, simplicity, quality.
Fits the metal V60-2, does not fit the ceramic V60-2.

- nicest and best version of the pop top one-handed thermos I've come across
- fits Hario V60-02 Black Metal
- matches Hario V60-02 Black Metal


Perfect mug on the go. Would get again

Not only does this mug keep your coffee warm throughout the day, it's also super easy to clean since all the parts are modular and be individually cleaned so you don't miss any dirt.

As well you CAN use this to brew it directly with a V60 but it has to be either a glass or plastic due to its small mouth shape.

The only minor challenge I had with this is that with the black edition, paint will be chipped off due to normal usage. This is more apparent with the bottom side of the cup. Sides, not so much.

Hi Ken - We find the black ones do chip a little if they are put in the dishwasher (they are not dishwasher safe) but stand up well when hand washed. Thanks for the review!

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