Kalita Wave 155 Stainless Steel Dripper
Kalita Wave 185 Stainless Steel Dripper

KALITA Wave Stainless Steel Dripper


by Kalita
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Used in top specialty cafes and professional competitions, this stainless steel dripper is durable and dishwasher safe. With its flat-bottom and controlled flow rate, it achieves a consistent and evenly extracted brew, with a sweet, yet complex flavour. Available in 155 (1-2 cups) and 185 (1-4 cups) sizes.

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    The Kalita Wave is one of the finest Japanese pour over brewers available. Due to its flat bottom design, and controlled flow rate - due to to three small holes in the bottom of the brewer - you can expect a more consistent brew every time. The Wave filters also encourage consistency of brew by reducing contact with the side of the brewer, maintaining more temperature stability.

    Found in top specialty cafes and used in professional competitions, the Kalita Wave allows you to brew your favourite coffee with fuller flavor and a more balanced extraction.

    • Stainless steel
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Wave 155 suitable for brewing 1-2 cups and uses Kalita Wave 155 filters
    • Wave 185 suitable for brewing 1-4 cups and uses Kalita Wave 185 filters
    • Size:
      • Wave 155: 105 × 105 × 57mm
      • Wave 185: 115 × 115 × 66mm
    • Weight:
      • Wave 155: 82g
      • Wave 185: 160g
    • Made in Japan
    1. Place a filter in the dripper
    2. Pre-wet the filter and discard the water
    3. Add your freshly ground coffee and start brewing

    Brew with the time-tested quality and consistency of a Kalita Wave. Equal parts function and form.

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