New Levy Tamp 53mm


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New Levy Tamp 53mm
New Levy Tamp 53mm
New Levy Tamp 53mm - Black
New Levy Tamp 53mm - Cherry
New Levy Tamp 53mm - Maple
New Levy Tamp 53mm - Walnut
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  • When we see a tamper in a Barista’s hand we know the significance. It is the tool that a barista uses most often. The tamp translates the Barista’s skill of craft into the resulting shot. It is a tool of assumed simplicity with substantial purpose. Now available in 53mm, the New Levy Tamp brings unparalleled consistency to your espresso production. Simply determine the ideal weight of ground coffee in your portafilter and spin the Levy’s center spacer to achieve the perfect tamp depth.

    The New Levy makes consistency and quality possible with every shot. Built in Saint Anthony Industries' workshop by hand, each one is a unique piece. Made from solid stainless steel with your choice of American hardwood inlay, the New Levy is built to last a lifetime.

    • Base Diameter: 53.5mm
    • Adjustable Depth: 5mm - 14mm
    • Handcrafted in the USA
    • Made from Stainless Steel and American Hardwood
    • A Beautiful Selection of American Hardwoods: Maple, Cherry, and Walnut
    • Precision engineered to +/- 0.002"
    1. Adjust the Wedge to the Proper Depth
    2. Grind a Shot of your Favourite Espresso
    3. Slightly Level Coffee Grounds with a few Knocks or Taps
    4. Place Wedge on Portafilter and Give a few Gentle Spins
    5. Remove Wedge and Admire the Lovely Level Basket
    6. Tamp with New Levy Tamp and Insert Portafilter in Group Head and Pull Shot
    7. Watch the Channel-Free Even Extraction
    8. Give your Espresso a Stir
    9. Enjoy!

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Works great if you use a single coffee

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