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Pietro is the only hand grinder with vertical flat burrs, zero retention, and an innovative ergonomic design. Its 58mm flat burrs are designed and made in Italy by Fiorenzato and are available in versatile MultiPurpose, for espresso to filter, or ProBrew, designed to obtain the best result in filter extractions.

Colour: Dusty pink
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    Pietro is the one and only hand grinder with vertical flat burrs, zero retention, and an innovative ergonomic design. It is built with premium and robust materials and the hopper lid and grounds catch have airtight seals to help maintain flavour. Its 58mm flat burrs are designed and made in Italy by Fiorenzato, using M340 steel and are available in two different configurations; versatile MultiPurpose, for espresso to filter, or ProBrew, designed to obtain the best result in filter extractions.

    Designed for outstanding ergonomics, the retractable lever and anti-slip base make the grinding experience easy and more effective. Pietro grinders are built with care, using premium, food-grade materials.

    Pietro MultiPurpose comes standard with Fiorenzato's B-Modal burrs. The B-Modal burr is designed with two precise rings of teeth to create a bimodal grind particle distribution curve, typical of the best espresso grinders and perfect for a balanced and delicious espresso extraction. On top of all of that, the B-Modal burrs create an ideal grind profile for delicious, balanced pourover and filter brews.

    Designed in collaboration with Lance Hedrick, Fiorenzato's M-Modal burr comes standard with Pietro ProBrew. These burrs create a unimodal grind particle distribution curve, reducing fines as much as possible for exceptional clarity and maximum aromatics.

    • Available MultiPurpose or ProBrew burr configurations, in a variety of colourways
    • 58mm flat burrs with dark coating (M-Modal or B-Modal) (Made in Italy by Fiorenzato)
    • Stepless adjustment dial with clicks at every ~15 microns
    • Dimensions: 210 x 115 x 80mm (8.3 x 4.5 x 3.1in)
    • Weight: 1500g (53oz)
    • Beans Capacity: 60g (2.1oz)
    • Material
      • Body: Food-grade plastic and aluminum
      • Magnets: Neodymium
      • Grip: Silicone
      • Burrs: M340 Bohler steel (Food Certified)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Philip S. (Florida, United States)
Exceeds expectations

I have had the Pietro with the multipurpose burrs for a few weeks now and can say it performs as well, if not better than the reviews. The build quality is better than I anticipated. I use it to grind for my Alessi 9090 moka pot and the coffee it produces is outstanding. While the price point is on the high side, the quality of the grinder and the coffee can’t be beat.

Nick (Quebec, Canada)
Endgame hand grinder for Pour Over

The Pietro with Pro Burr converted me to a pour over fanatic. The clarity produced for light roast Ethiopian coffees is unmatched and a delight (between 7 and 8 mark). The grinder is so forgiving that you can produce a great cup with any dripper V60 to Orea.

The unimodal burrs also produce a clean smooth espresso cup (0.3 clicks after proper seasoning) on my workhorse Rancilio Silvia with PID.
All the colours look fantastic with the matte finish. I went with the classic forest green.

Zach (Oregon, United States)
Coming from a ZP6…

I have a ZP6 and just bought the Pro Burr version of the Pietro. I’m blown away by the clarity and separation of flavors I’m experiencing with the Pietro with Pro Burrs.

Both the ZP6 and Pietro are fantastic, and I think it is down to personal preference between the two. I’m happy to own both, but if I had to make a choice I would definitely choose the Pietro. I notice slightly less body and much more clarity between flavors with a longer, sweeter finish.

The workflow of the Pietro is much, much easier than I expected from reading reviews. The hand crank is easy to turn, but keep in mind I’m making pourover.

Most of my effort is in pushing the grinder down into the counter from the top to keep it from moving. It is no problem for me, but I could see it slipping if you aren’t comfortable exerting a lot of pressure.

My only complaint is that the top lid is slightly difficult to open.

I see no reason to purchase the extra wide base.

I’m in the US, and shipping was extremely fast. Great experience!

A.D. (Alberta, Canada)
Incredible cup clarity and sweetness, every, single, time

It truly doesn't matter how you use this grinder or what bean you choose to grind; the PIETRO is an outstanding choice on my bar, and I will usually gravitate towards it every time. The uniformity is outstanding, the finish of the paint is the best version of Matte on the market, and the Forest Green pairs perfectly with the black accents. Worth literally every penny

EF (New York, United States)
Pro brewing burrs are amazing

I’m shocked by how much better cups are with my Pietro with the pro brewing burrs…even against my Ode gen 2 with SSPs. Downside is it’s a bit awkward and top heavy. Recommend buying the base.

Dan (Ontario, Canada)
Pietro+April Brewer=Yum

The day i got my Pietro I ran 2kg of coffee through it, most of it medium-light roast, and boy oh boy let me tell you was my stabilizing hand sore. It's the first vertically mounted flat burr manual grinder available on the market. It's not as smooth to grind as a conical grinder with a long crank handle circling atop the grinder; also, the brew burrs only have four pre-breakers, so it makes grinding lighter roasted coffee more of a challenge. I find the grinder catches probably when the beans hit the pre-breakers. When it catches just reverse the handle and keep grinding. It's fine once you get used to it.

Lance recommends holding the grinder against your abdomen to help absorb agitation caused by grinding. This method works and i would recommend it.

Cleaning is just as easy as reviews show it to be. Push the pin turn the handle and pull the rotating burr out. From here you can pull out the stable but for easy cleaning. It's just as easy to reassemble - just make sure the stable burr is turned to the right direction.

I saw a review on this grinder saying that this is a burr first grinder, and I would have to say i agree. I would that the method for grinding is not optimal, however the burrs make super coffee. The burrs designed by Lance Hedrick are amazing and in comparison to my Comandante C40 really extended my brew time by 45sec up to a full minute just because of how uniform the grinds are. As a side note, i brew with the April Plastic brewer and was averaging 2 min brews with my C40 and now get between 245 and 330min brews with my Pietro.

The magnet on the catch cup feels good. When you're grinding, if you hold it against your abdomen you'll hear a click as the catch cup pulls and away from the grinder, specifically when the grinder catches. The catch cup isn't gonna fall off. Also the lid. It's advertised as an air tight seal, but i find that you have to kind of twist the lid slightly so that it catches on the rubber ring. If you don't it'll come off pretty easy.

Overall, the Pietro comes out as a net positive. It's super expensive for a manual grinder and it feels a bit bad that nothing comes with the grinder out of the box. The grinder is heavy at 1.5kg in comparison to my C40 at over 1lb. The grinding is the real hang up here and mostly i would say because of the high price tag. This really is unlike any other manual grinder on the market with burrs that haven't really been applied to manual methods, at least within this price range. With this in mind, i don't think it's all that helpful to detract from the Pietro because the grinding isn't as smooth as a conical hand grinder because, well, it just isn't.

The Pietro is changing what a manual grinder can be, but with that said there are gonna be some hiccups. With any grinder there are some compromises. Does the Pietro grind as smoothly as a C40? No. But the Pietro produces more consistent grinds and I'm happy to trade simplicity of grinding for uniformity of grind.

Bottom line: with all is quirks love my Pietro, thanks Eight Ounce !!

Guillaume (Quebec, Canada)
I'm discovering what clarity means in a pour over.

Coming from a conical hand grinder this Pietro has been eye-opening. The presentation of coffees with this grinder reveals layers of flavours that are completely muted in my other grinders (kinu, xeoleo ghost burrs). I taste less sweetness but the acidic presence and structure is quite an experience.
Speaking of experience, the ergonomics are awkward. My body is slowly adapting to it. I remember using the Pharos grinder and this is much more fun to use and clean.

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