Eight Ounce will match and donate all proceeds from these lip balms to Calgary Outlink

Calgary Outlink is a community based not for profit charity for gender and sexual diversity; dedicated to providing support, education, outreach, and referrals for the LGBTQ+ and allied community in Calgary, Alberta.

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  • The Special Edition Pride Lip Balm is here! This time we partnered up with one of our local favs - Phil & Sebastian, for this special edition lip balm in support of Calgary Outlink!

    Your lips will be soft, smooth, and tasting of delicious Phil & Seb coffee when you kiss whoever you want! With their consent of course. Very important.

    Every few months we partner with one of our besties on the Canadian (and British) coffee roasting scene to create a new edition. We let the roaster choose their current favourite coffee, and then the lip balms are tested and created for us locally in Calgary using organic ingredients including Canadian beeswax, cocoa butter, and coconut oil.

    About the design: "The rainbow font I used in this lip balm design is a creative partnership between NewFest, NYC Pride, and Fontself. The font is called 'Gilbert', named after the creator of the Rainbow Flag - Gilbert Baker, who passed away on March 31, 2017. Inspired by the design language of the iconic Rainbow Flag, the font not only contains its colours, but the shapes and colour cross-overs represents its open and fluid community. Gilbert Baker was both an LGBTQ activist and artist, and known for helping his community and friends create banners for protests and marches. As an artist & designer in the LGBTQ spectrum, I am happy to be able to honour Mr. Baker's memory with the creators of the font." - Primera

    • Canadian Beeswax
    • Organic Cocoa Butter
    • Organic Coconut Oil
    • Single Origin Coffee - Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters The Standard Costa Rica Caturra
  • Method Coming Soon

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