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  • There's no getting away from it, tamping is an essential step in making espresso. And whilst you may not want to pay $100 for one, the standard bendy plastic number that comes packaged with your machine is just, well, not up to standard. In fact, it's a bit of an embarrassment. So you're gonna need a replacement and this is where this little guy comes in. The feel and quality of this 58mm stainless steel tamper belies its reasonable price. It's great to hold, has a really nice weight (370g), and looks pretty good on the counter, next to your pride and joy.

    • Weight: 370g
    • Diameter of handle at widest point: 4.4cm (1.75")
    • Handle height(from top of base): 6.4cm (2.5")
    • Overall height (bottom to top): 7.6cm (3")
    • Stainless Steel base with ABS plastic handle
  • Method Coming Soon

tamp barista espresso

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