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Simplify your brewing experience with Gabi Master B. Every coffee can be consistently tasty with the surprisingly simple Master B. Pour through precisely calculated holes that lower agitation and evenly disperse the water over your coffee bed. Let Gabi Master B do the precise pouring for you!

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    Simplify your brewing experience with The Gabi Master B. Every coffee can be consistently tasty with the surprisingly simple Master B. Pour through precisely calculated holes that lower agitation and evenly disperse the water over your coffee bed. Let Gabi Master B do the precise pouring for you!

    Master B brews so consistently that it can be used to evaluate coffee quality in a fair way. Designed for compatibility with most pourover drippers. High quality hand drip coffee brewing made easy with Master B - no master coffee brewer level of experience required.

    • Made from Tritan™ Plastic
    • Water Dispense Rate: 2g/sec
  • Use to help brew delicious pourover coffee.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
John H. (California, United States)
Works Exactly as Described

While expensive for what it does, the Drip Master B works very well. I am using it with the ceramic Kalita Wave 185. Makes it easy to get reproducible pour over coffee brews. Note that when I received the second Drip Master (gave the first to my brother) I initially had problems with the unit only draining at 0.5 grams per second. This led to a pour over that took six minutes rather than 3.5 minutes and the coffee was over extracted. The first one I bought was about right at 1.5 grams per second. For the slow draining Drip Master, I ran a lot of water through it, washed it with a lot of dishwashing soap, then thoroughly rinsed it. After that it is draining at 2 grams per second, which I understand is the proper drain rate.

Debra R. (Washington, United States)

What a wonderful device. Have been using it for a month and couldn’t be happier. No more clogging for me!

Elliot K. (Alberta, Canada)
Fun, Easy

Consistently mellow taste, very decent compared to the effort required

Miša (Ontario, Canada)
Even extraction for everyone

I have had this drip assist device by Gabi for almost 2 months. I have researched several recipes, watched youtube videos on how to best use this device.

Since using this device with my V60, Origami and Kalita wave I have had excellent cups of coffee. The clarity that is a result of the even extraction acts as a great fail safe for doing a fast flow rate.

Most people will wonder should you get this over the melodrip? To be honest I personally believe its up to user preference. The Gabi dripper must sit on top of the device and if not using it from the first pour you would need to tare your scale and continue.

The Melo drip on the other hand requires you to use one hand on the kettle and one on the handle of the Melo drip. So it depends on your comfortability. Another plus to the Melo drip is it can get closer to the coffee bed unlike the Gabi.

At the end of the day I prefer the Gabi as it allows me to focua more on my pour and it is a larger drip assist then the Melo drip.

I am glad I made this purchase and it is certainly my go to for most coffee recipes.

paul e. (California, United States)
gabi drip master


J. (Alberta, Canada)
Best travel or at home brewing companion

This brewer really brews very very sweet and balanced filter coffee due to low agitation. It also packs up so nicely that you can bring everywhere with you. The best part? you do not need to pack a goose neck kettle with you while traveling! Just need hot water to pour into the reservoir and whoa la you can brew your own delicious coffee while traveling!

David S. (Oregon, United States)
Gabi B is the Master!

This clever showerhead device from South Korea that fits on top of my Kalita (or V-60) is giving me far better performance than hand-pouring directly into the grounds, and has eliminated "stalling" caused by hydrophobic coffees and fines. Unlike the Melodrip showerhead which requires you to manually hold the device at a consistent height while rotating the device over the coffee grounds and pouring water into the device simultaneously, the Gabi B fixes the height on the top of the filter container (Kalita, V60) and just requires water poured into the center chamber and outer chamber in intervals like you normally do for a pour-over. It produces a soft rain-drop pour that every coffee seems to respond to well. This is most welcome if you're pouring an exotic/exclusive coffee and don't want to waste your money on dialing in your pour.
One tip: it seems to work best to pour your bloom manually, then finish the pouring with the Gabi B.
This is my second Gabi B as I gifted the first one to a friend who was travelling overseas. The first one did seem to have some holes that needed a pin push thru to open, but the new one from Eight Once works perfectly.

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