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  • Slow down and enjoy life just a little bit more. To help you slow down, Timemore creates wonderful slow pouring kettles and now this fantastic glass "Crystal Eye Dripper". The unique design creates ideal extraction flow and makes it easier to judge the brewing ratio and the pour speed. The grooves in the lowest third allow for smooth flow and combine with ribs in the pouring area for ideal extraction. A simple matte black metal base keeps the dripper steady on a carafe, cup or drip stand. Oh, and it'll look great in all of your Instagram posts as the light reflects off of it, like a crystal.

    • Thick Optical Glass
    • Black Metal Holder
    • Includes paper filters
    • Uses standard V60-02 size filters
    1. Fold over the tab on the filter
    2. Place the filter into the Crystal Eye Dripper
    3. Place the Crystal Eye Dripper on a server
    4. Gently rinse the filter with hot water from a pouring kettle
    5. Follow the markings on the dripper:
      1. Fill the lowest third with fresh ground coffee
      2. Slowly pour an appropriate amount of water, just off the boil, filling only to the top of the second lowest third
    6. Enjoy your freshly brewed pourover coffee!

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