Yard Sale

by Eight Ounce Coffee
Yard Sale! Get a great deal on coffee gear.

Damaged boxes, missing boxes, gently tested and sample items. All in working condition.

All sales final. No returns/refunds/exchanges.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Excellent service and quality

Great products out of the yard sale and all worked and looked great! Just some tarnishing on the packaging.

An incredible first set up

With the help of some knowledgeable friends who are deep into this home barista ordeal; I was able to get everything I needed for at the highest quality for a reduced price. I got a fellow kettle, an American weigh scales, and numerous assortments of necessities to make coffee with the v60 method, including a decanter. I am amazed by the customer service, such as; quick shipping, the discount code on next orders, free shipping over $75 and constant email updates. Honestly Eight ounce coffee sells themselves really well and I will be a long term continues customer. I highly recommend you buy through them. Take advantage of the yard sale and sale items; their prices are better than amazon. I can not talk them up enough. If you’re looking to get into coffee or looking for new supplies make eight ounce coffee your new place to be.

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