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Baratza Sette BG Burr Set

Baratza Sette BG Burr Set

Baratza Sette BG Burr Set(BRT-SETTEBGBURR)

Price: $35.00


  • Description
This BG (Brew Grind) burr is designed to give a grind profile that is very good for brew methods requiring a coarser grind.

The Sette 270 and Sette 270W are built with an AP (all-purpose) burr, with the addition of the step–less micro adjust offering the ability to dial–in, making it great for espresso. This Sette AP burr is capable of grinding from espresso fine to Chemex coarse, however it really excels at grinding for espresso. But Baratza understand the need for coarser grind still, and the BG can do that for you.
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