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Eight Ounce Coffee is proud to offer a large variety of hand-selected coffee and tea from roasters and tea merchants all across Canada!

As with all of the brands and products that you find on our website, we are very picky with the items that we bring in. We focus within the specialty and third wave coffee scene, and have a rigorous selection process based on varietals, origin and of course, by taste testing!

With an ever changing rotation of coffee coming in, roast dates are always changing. We suggest that to receive the best flavour profile, coffee should be consumed within 6 to 8 weeks of its roast date, however, coffee doesn’t expire. With age, coffee will oxidize and you may notice a loss of vibrancy with this exposure to oxygen, or you might notice the flavours flattening (this is especially true once the bag has been opened). However, we have had some pretty excellent tasting coffee 10 or even 20 weeks after the roast date! Beauty, after all, is in the eye of the barista.

Please note that unless otherwise indicated, all coffee is sold as whole bean. Due to health and safety protocols, we are not able to grind whole beans prior to shipping.

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