Hatch - La Aurora Geisha

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Tasting Notes: Orchid, Dried apricot, Strawberry, Vanilla

This coffee is a black honey processed lot. Honey process is where the cherries are first pulped but some of the mucilage is allowed to remain in contact with the seed. Left as a pile or in tanks, the mucilage will undergo fermentation and oxidation as it dries. The amount of mucilage left on the seeds and drying approach can influence the colour change that occurs. As a result honey processes are often categorised as white, yellow, red or black; usually with the darker colour from increased mucilage contact and longer drying times. As a red honey process this coffee exhibits more of the jammy sweetness one might expect from a natural coffee.

coffee bag size Quantity: 200g
coffee format Format: Roasted Whole Bean
coffee country of origin Origin: Costa Rica
coffee origin type Origin Type: Single Origin
coffee region Region: Santa Maria de Dota
coffee producer/farm Producer: Ivan Solis
coffee variety Variety: Geisha
coffee farm altitude Altitude: 1800 meters
coffee process Process: Honey
caffeine level Caffeine: Full Caffeine
coffee brew method Brew Method: Filter
coffee roast levelRoast Level: Light
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