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Huskee Cup

Huskee Cup

The renowned Huskee Cup available without the unnecessary product box to eliminate waste!

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Unsure of which coffee to choose? We're here to help!

Eight Ounce Coffee

Eight Ounce Coffee specialises in exclusive coffee equipment for Canadian baristas and coffee addicts™. All of our products are curated by coffee geeks and are barista approved. We don't sell anything we wouldn't happily use ourselves.

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Frank de Paula has taken a new approach at brewing coffee. The The FrankOne extracts more flavour over a shorter period of time - which reduces bitterness and acidity in hot coffee and produces an intense and sweet glass of cold brew in minutes - instead of hours. Yes you read that right.

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Coming Soon From Fellow

The Ode Grinder

Pre-order the grinder that was designed to dominate brewed coffee - pour-over, French press, cold brew, and more.

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