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Manhattan - Inacio Soares Espresso (250g)

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Tasting Notes: White flowers, Praline, Chocolate

Introducing this year's Brazilian coffee release, a result of our partnership with Inacio, a trailblazing direct trade collaborator. Situated in São Sebastião do Anta within Mata de Minas, Inacio has rejuvenated coffee cultivation against the odds. Despite the region's coffee obscurity and Inacio's father's conventional approach, his determination shattered expectations of specialty coffee success. Inacio's unexpected return to the farm after his father's illness sparked his commitment to honor his legacy. Post his father's passing, Inacio embarked on a complete farm revitalization, embracing innovative practices in soil, processing, and drying for exceptional outcomes. Impressively, the farm's modest scale rejects mechanical picking, standing out in Brazil. Inacio's meticulous methods reflect his belief in community-focused investment. His quality-over-quantity approach immediately elevated prices during the second harvest, benefitting the community. Notably, the same plants that once scored under 80 points now achieve 86, a testament to Inacio's transformational dedication. Fazenda Jairo Soares's achievements inspire us, hinting at even brighter prospects ahead.

coffee bag size Quantity: 250g
coffee format Format: Roasted Whole Bean
coffee country of origin Origin: Brazil
coffee origin type Origin Type: Single Origin
coffee region Region: Mata de Minas
coffee producer/farm Producer: Inacio Soares
coffee variety Variety: Red & Yellow Catuai
coffee farm altitude Altitude: 880 meters
coffee process Process: Honey
caffeine level Caffeine: Full Caffeine
coffee brew method Brew Method: Espresso
coffee roast levelRoast Level: Medium Dark
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Claudia (British Columbia, Canada)
Great coffee!

One of the best coffee I've ever had! Very easy to dial in, great tasting, very prominent floral notes. I was initially a bit disappointed to receive the coffee 5-week post roast date, can't help but wonder if it would taste even better when fresher.

Customer (Alberta, Canada)

A fun bean to play around with

Daniel (New York, United States)
An excellent everyday espresso roast!

This is great as an americano or any other espresso drink with milk. This is not as great as drip, as it falls flat. A great staple in your cabinet!

DL (Ontario, Canada)
Solid Brazil

Solid Brazil. Familiar profile. Left me wondering what it would be like on a lighter roast. Not so sure about the floral notes but cocoa and nuts are classic Brazil hints found here.

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