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  • We were absolutely blown away by how nicely the Timemore Kettle pours. The specially designed precision spout creates a constant water stream during even the slowest pours, ensuring even extraction and eliminating unwanted agitation of the coffee. A built in flow restrictor maintains water flow at an ideal speed. This is the pouring kettle to take your pour-over brewing to the next level.

    The perfect pour-over kettle for cafés with hot water towers or if you already have a beautiful tea kettle.

    The 300ml (10oz) kettle is perfect for brewing a single cup pour-over with better control than would be possible from a larger kettle. The 600ml (20oz) kettle is ideal for brewing two smaller cups of coffee or one really big one while still giving you enough precision to brew an amazing pour-over. The 900ml (30oz) kettle is perfect for brewing more than one pour-over in quick succession while maintaining pouring precision.

    • Stainless steel with triple layer Teflon exterior coating.
    • 300ml (10oz) capacity kettle:
      • 4mm spout diameter
      • Height: 116mm Base Diameter: 75mm
    • 600ml (20oz) capacity kettle:
      • 6mm spout diameter
      • Height: 138mm Base Diameter: 91mm
    • 900ml (30oz) capacity kettle:
      • 6mm spout diameter
      • Height: 158mm Base Diameter: 105mm
    • Bottom of kettle may scratch/discolour/deform if used on a stove
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Love it

Comfortable design for great control. Use it daily and love it!

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