FELLOW Corvo EKG Electric Kettle (120V)

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The FELLOW Corvo EKG is the 120V electric kettle based on the popular Raven Tea Kettle. The variable temperature control will let you brew with flexibility. Perfect for your tea, coffee, hot chocolate, famous oatmeal recipe, or whatever else you need hot water for. Available in Matte Black and Matte Black with Walnut.

Colour: Matte black
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    Based on the design of the popular Raven Tea Kettle, it's the same great kettle with the added electric variable temperature control that will let you brew tea with flexibility for all of your water boiling needs. Precision engineered to help you perfect your tea, coffee, hot chocolate, famous oatmeal recipe, or whatever else you need hot water for while maintaining a minimal footprint in your kitchen.

    Available in Matte Black and Matte Black with Walnut. Does not include a tea filter

    Because wood is a natural product it is prone to drying and warping. Wood components that are exposed to high heat and moisture, such as the lid pull and handle, may eventually dry out and crack (like repeatedly putting a cutting board in a dishwasher). To prevent this, we recommend periodically applying mineral oil to the lid pull & handle once per month - and buffing with a soft cloth. It’s also good practice to do this any time you notice the wood feeling especially dry.

    This 120V electric coffee kettle is only compatible with outlets in the US and Canada. To find an international retailer near you, head HERE

    • Available in Matte Black and Matte Black with Walnut
    • PID controller maintains the perfect temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit for up to 60 minutes
    • Hi-Res LCD Screen displays the current and goal temperatures or a stopwatch to time your brew
    • 900 millilitre boiling capacity
    • Type-B (for U.S. and Canada) Plug
    • 1200W, 120V~, 50/60Hz, 9A
    • 304 stainless steel kettle body and lid, plastic base
    • Temperature Range: 135-212 F/57-100 C
    • Cord Length: 2.5 ft
    • 9.2"x 8.7"x 8.5" (292mm x 171mm x 203mm)
    • Product Certifications: ETL compliance, FCC certified
    • Does not include a tea filter
  • Corvo EKG Electric Kettle - Safety and Instruction Guide

    Never set the temperature above your local boiling point as doing so will stop the kettle from being able to shut off automatically. This may result in damage to your kettle or create the potential for a fire.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
David (Quebec, Canada)
Love it

I love my old goose neck Fellow kettle, but the ease of pour for tea brewing is worth it. Looks even nicer than in the photos.

Emilie (Quebec, Canada)

Love it. Already owned the non electric version. Updated to this one, and it's been great!

doom (Quebec, Canada)
What’s there not to love?

Well, I applaud the attempt to keep the water’s temperature going and going, it’s not without merit - but this is just not for me. It only interests me as a simple kettle that has three primary functions: to set a temperature, to heat to that temperature, and to shut off when that temperature has reached. The rest seems silly. And sometimes simplicity gives way to overcomplicated gimmicks, like the “hold” button. Then again, I’m not a ‘pourover’ person, nor a ‘tea ceremony’ type, so I was looking for something more in the touch-and-go realm. Heat, then stop. Old school stuff I guess. Still, it has value as a form, I’ll give it that. It’s enjoyable to hear, has great visual aesthetics, is virtually dripless, it heats up extremely fast and structurally speaking - the elements are very well conceived, both in weight and feel. A masterpiece on that level. Let’s just see how well the powder coat will hold up now.

Cameron (Ontario, Canada)
Pretty and functional

A little pricey but quite nice (both in aesthetics and functionality) and is working well so far.

Liking the wooden handle, though I did need to tighten its screw after only a couple uses (luckily I had a 3.0 mm hex bit on hand).

The temperature control is great, I especially like that it keeps the temperature for a few minutes even when the "hold temperature" feature is turned off (holding for an hour seems excessive, but a few minutes is perfect for me). Would prefer if it turned off automatically when the carafe is removed from its base -- after setting it back down, it will try to bring it to temperature again, but I often empty the pot entirely. I'll have to get used to turning it off manually as I don't want to rely on it eventually detecting that it's empty. I do like that it remembers the temperature setting between uses.

Since it's only 1200 watts it's not the fastest kettle, but its smaller volume makes up for it. I tend to boil just over a mug's worth at a time.

The interior is all high-quality stainless (except for a small silicone seal around the temperature probe), no plastic. The cover is stainless steel as well, and is fully removable instead of hinged, which is so much easier to work with.

Would have appreciated a limescale filter, but I guess this will force me to descale more regularly :-)

The plug is "upside-down" for me (the typical orientation of wall sockets varies regionally), which combined with the very short cord makes a very awkward loop in the air on my counter.

Tai (British Columbia, Canada)
FELLOW Corvo EKG Electric Kettle


Miguel (Quebec, Canada)
Beautiful design

I do love how this kettle looks; it's simple and elegant. It heats up water quickly to a degree close.

Cara M. (Ontario, Canada)

I love this kettle! It has an outstanding design and excellent performance. Highly recommended.

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