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  • These enhanced steaming pitchers feature interior etched volumetric markings that take the guesswork out of milk volume requirements and guide baristas to measure the precise amount of milk to use for every drink.

    Pouring latte art can be difficult to get down, but this high quality twelve ounce capacity stainless steel pitcher from Rattleware makes it a little easier. It has a tapered spout that allows for more control over the pour. Today hearts, tomorrow unicorns dancing over a rainbow!

    This exceptional, must-have tool ensures milk waste is minimized while pouring remarkable latte art.

    • Capacity: 32oz / 1 litre
    • Markings at 8oz, 9oz, 10oz, 11oz, 12oz, 13oz and 14oz
    • Height: 5in. / 13cm
    • Mouth: 3.5in. / 9cm
    • Bottom: 4in. / 10.16cm
    • Stainless steel
    • Suggested Thermometer Length: 7in.
  • Method Coming Soon

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