TIMEMORE Crystal Eye Dripper (Plastic)

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Timemore has created a fantastic, lightweight plastic version of the Crystal Eye Dripper. The unique design allows for easier to observe how your coffee is brewing. The grooves in the bottom third of the dripper allow for smoother flow, and combined with the ribs in the pouring area, create an ideal extraction.

Colour: Clear
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    Timemore has created a fantastic, lightweight plastic version of the "Crystal Eye Dripper". PCTG plastic is very tough, strong and resistant to chemicals - the kind of plastic that you want to take into a coffee battle. The unique design of the dripper makes it easier to observe how your coffee is brewing. The grooves in the bottom third of the dripper allow for smoother flow, and combined with the ribs in the pouring area, create an ideal extraction. This dripper will look oh so glamorous on your Instagram as the crystal light will be shining rainbows out of your phone screen.

    • Available in Clear and Transparent Black colourways in two sizes:
      • 01 dripper (1-2 cups) (compatible with V60-01 filters)
      • 02 dripper (2-4 cups) (compatible with V60-02 filters)
    • Heat Resistant PCTG Plastic
    • Includes Paper Filters
  • Crystal Eye Dripper Recipe:

      1. Turn on Kettle. Set to 92°C (198°F)
      2. Weigh 15g of Coffee
      3. Grind Coffee between 20 and 25 on Baratza Encore
      4. Pre-wet Filter and Preheat Glass Carafe
      5. Discard Preheat Water From Carafe
      6. Add Ground Coffee to Filter. Shake Gently to Level the Coffee Bed
      7. Start Timer
      8. Pour 45g of Water for Bloom. Agitate Gently for 5-10 seconds
      9. When Timer Reaches 45 Seconds, Continue Pouring in a Controlled Circular Motion
      10. Finish Pouring When Scale Reads 245g
      11. Give Gentle Stir Around Edge of Dripper. Wait for Water to Completely Draw Down
      12. Enjoy!
  • Timemore Crystal Eye Dripper (Clear) - Product Brochure
    Timemore Crystal Eye Dripper (Transparent Black) - Product Brochure

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Kendall M. (Alberta, Canada)
Works great

Affordable, simple, looks great, works just as expected

Ariana (Ontario, Canada)
Simple and effective

Great product for a great price. Nice and simple, and especially nice for a plastic dripper!

A. (British Columbia, Canada)
A nice V60 alternative

It is well built (honestly much better than Hario) and it shares the same filter with v60 02. I feel it drips a bit faster than Hario. All in all it is a great dripper

K. (New Brunswick, Canada)

Great dripper at a great price. It compares well to the V60 but I can taste a little more sweetness in the brews so far. Its worth trying if you want to change things up or do your own comparisons.

Kim N.
Pretty pour over

Nice to watch my pour over being made. Easy to use too. No hazing or cracking on the plastic after many uses.

Ben (Ontario, Canada)
Very nice, tint protects coffee from harmful UV (just kidding)

I hear good things about this, I'm not experienced enough with pour overs to say how it is just yet compared to the flat bottom shaped Crystal Eye B75. But I thought it would be fun to compare them and see how they differ!

It feels pretty heavy duty and solid / quality plastic. Supposedly plastic is best for thermal stability, and doesn't need preheating vs a heavy ceramic pour over device. Metal I feel would dissipate heat quickly. A thin double-Walled glass brewer might also be a good option, but that would be more $$$ also more fragile.

I figure this should be similar to a V60, but never compared directly, others have and it seems like some people prefer one or the other very slightly but both should be great options. I think it's likely more down to your paper filter choice and brew technique maaaybe.

It's a bit smaller than I thought (very cute!) I think due to it's smaller size it works better for a recipe with a few smaller pours rather than doing blooming and then one big main pour which is what I attempted at first, with coffee 18g in! Seems to have a little higher capacity than the Flat bottom B75 brewer but very close to it for the smaller 1-2 cup size.

I really like the tint level on this one, not too dark, the flat bottom b75 version is almost opaque black which is cool too, but strange they didn't make them match and I prefer the look of this level of tint! But that's what I expected since the photos of the products DO show that, not really a surprise.

Comes with a few sample filters which is nice. On first try I didn't read instructions and the supplied filter didn't sit flush with the walls of the device, but I realized afterwards that instructions say to fold the extra flappy seam part on the filter down, and I believe it fits better / flush that way! I never thought about it, never seen anyone talk about it in their videos, but apparently James Hoffman has been seen doing it in one of his videos, but no one really explained it before so the manual despite it's poor English translation (not bad, just a few spelling mistakes) was actually helpful to a pour over newb like me :D

Also Eight Ounce shipped to Toronto pretty quick! I think ordered Thurs night after hours, and arrived Monday morning!

Lindsay (British Columbia, Canada)
Solidly Built

Great weight and durability compared to other pourovers I own. Makes a tasty cup.

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