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The goal at 3fe has always been to create excellent cups of coffee and when they opened the Dublin roastery in January 2014 this remained their focus. Their cafe on Grand Canal Street works closely with the roastery to ensure that there is a constant channel of feedback and data to help make every cup we make as good as possible.

The roastery itself is the brainchild of co-owner Steve Leighton who sourced all of their equipment and is responsible for sourcing all of their coffee. Steve travels to the best farms and co-ops across the world and establishes relationships with all of the producers to ensure there is a mutual benefit and a strong feedback loop to ensure better coffees are produced in coming harvests.

Their coffees change as the seasons progress as they tend to deal with smaller producers and work through their produce while it's fresh and tasty. As coffee comes into season in different parts of the world you'll see their offering changing to reflect that. Their blends will have a definite flavour profile in mind but the constituent components of the blends will change throughout the year to meet that particular flavour.

3FE Coffee
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