American Weigh 2kg Scale

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  • Description
  • Specs
  • Method
  • Need something with up to 2kg capacity but still portable?

    Made by American Weigh (it's okay - you can call them Canadian Weigh if you like), these durable scales are small enough to be carried around, but powerful enough to weigh up to 2kg.

    You can put your V-60, Chemex or Aeropress straight onto the stainless steel surface of the scales, and weigh your grounds and water all in one place.

    We love these scales because they have an easy to read LCD backlit digital display, they look slick, and they have a ten year warranty.

    The best part? They use regular AAA batteries so you'll never have to search around for the right button cell battery.

    These scales are hugely popular with both baristas and home coffee drinkers who want accuracy when brewing.

  • Specifications:

    • Digital LCD backlit display is easy to read
    • Powered by AAA batteries Only
    • 90s timeout
    • g, oz, ozt, dwt
    • Stainless steel weighing surface (4x4 inches)
    • Weighs to 0.1g (+/-0.2g) up to 2000g
    • Optional calibration weights (not included)
    • Protective case doubles as a weighing tray
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Ten year limited warranty


    • SC-2KGA scale
    • Two AAA batteries
    • Protective case doubles as a weighing tray
    • Does not include adapter
    • Do not exceed the scale's maximum capacity. This scale has integrated overload protection, but any overload protection has its limits!
    • Avoid exposure to extreme heat or cold. Scales perform best at normal room temperature. If temperatures have changed dramatically, recalibration may be necessary.
    • Allow your scale to warm up for 30-60 seconds before performing calibration.
    • Store your scale in a clean, dry location. Dust, dirt, and moisture can accumulate on the weighing sensors and electronics causing inaccuracy and malfunction.
    • Avoid using your scale in close proximity to strong radio wave emitting devices such as cordless phones.
    • Always weigh on a flat and level surface, free from vibrations and drafts.
    • Gently apply all items to be weighed. Do not drop items onto the weighing platform.
    • Avoid dropping your scale. The warranty does not cover damage due to rough treatment or overload.
    • Check the batteries first if you are having any trouble with your scale. This simple step can remedy most scale issues.
    • For best accuracy, calibration should be performed at least once every 12 months, depending on frequency of use. Calibration is already performed at the factory.

aws american weigh scale

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

Functional scale used for espresso and pour overs . Would recommend

Alex G. (Quebec, Canada)
Excellent value for the price

Excellent coffee scale, works as intended. Small, fast and accurate. You won’t be disappointed.

Neil R. (Alberta, Canada)
Good Scale

A very reliable scale. The 2 Kg limit makes it useful as a kitchen scale.

The L.C. (Washington, United States)
Classic remains classic and stable!

I've been doing coffee for awhile now and have used this scale in many cafe's. Sure, it aint 'water proof' but man does it take a beating and keeps going! Great scale for beginners and for cafe's looking for a quick fix that won't break the bank!

ian (Alberta, Canada)

My first coffee scale , works good

Angelica M. (Alberta, Canada)
Awesome starter scale!

It's a great starter scale and it is well priced. Not only for coffee, but can be used for multi-purpose which I love!

Alexandre S.G. (Quebec, Canada)
Best scale for the price if you can't afford a Lunar.

I already had the (Acaia Lunar) scale which is by far the very best on the market but also the most expensive. I bought this (American Scale) for my mother so I could have a way to calibrate her grinder instead of doing many trials and error. This is smaller than I thought, only the "screen portion" goes out of the drip tray so it isn't too large but if it would had been any larger it would have been too much. While not of the same speed "latency" as the Acaia, this is a very acceptable speed for its price, and I like the bright blue led. It's accurate down to 0.1g so it's much more useful than ur average cheap kitchen scale.

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