Quietly Coffee

      EVERY COFFEE IS UNIQUE. Each cup begins as fruit on a small flowering tree. The producer's approach combines with the natural ecology through elements like soil, sun, and rainfall to determine the cup’s final flavour. We meticulously source and precisely roast to always showcase these particular and individual qualities. A coffee might taste juicy & fruity, bright & clean, or big & sweet. We work batch-to-batch, crop-to-crop, and harvest-to-year to let every cup quietly tell you a wonderful story.

      OUR HISTORY STARTS IN THE LIBRARY. We only roasted our first batches in February 2019, so we are relatively new. However, the Quietly story reaches much further back with our Director of Coffee, Lee Knuttila. While completing his Doctorate, an interest in coffee bloomed and led to many nights in the library stacks, learning coffee's history and the chemistry of roasting. When reading was not enough, Lee started working at Toronto’s Cut Coffee (which shifted to Sam James Coffee following Lee’s departure), where he worked for over half a decade. At Cut, he honed his craft as a roaster and established lasting relationships with a robust producer network. Quietly is the culmination of many things but will always be about Lee's passion, exploration, curiosity and love of a great cup.

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